This gnome is quick to introduce himself as a dragon. But is there more than simple madness to his claim?


Watching Gaedren Lamm slay his beloved fiancee in an attempt to teach his “Little Lamms” the finer points of armed robbery changed this scholarly Gnome forever. Lamm ran him through as well, in an attempt to leave no witnesses, but something saved the Gnome, known to his friends as “Vole”.

In his mind, he became a Dragon, a creature of wrath and vengeance, and the thing that had saved him shaped itself to this form. Vole became Volaxis, his old name forgotten.

The Acadamae were quick to offer Volaxis a chance to teach the power of a summoner, but Volaxis insists that such power cannot be learned, only granted. He does not contemplate what grants his power often, perhaps for fear of what he will find.

Volaxis’ skill at delving through ancient tomes was ill-suited to the task of vengeance. However he made no secret of his desire to avenge Lini.

After two years of fruitless searching after the killer’s identity, he suddenly discovered a harrow card in his cupboard. He was certain it had not been there before.

After Lamm’s escape to Kaer Maga, Vole eventually chose to part with the group to hunt him down, just as the bloodveil began its outbreak in Korvosa.


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