Trinia Sabor

Artist accused of poisoning the king


A pretty young artist, Trinia Sabor painted a portrait of the king not half a month before his death. Eodred’s chamberlain secured the girl’s services, hoping that regular visits from the artist would improve his health and spirits. Trinia spent hours in private audience with the monarch.

Trinia’s innocent eyes, golden hair, and lithe frame set all the castle guards gawking and murmuring as she came and went, and some even swore they caught Eodred gazing wistfully at the girl’s charms on more than one occasion.

Trinia is accused of poisoning the king, many in the castle have claimed to see the young artist acting strangely, and a castle guard confessed in the presence of Sabina Merrin and several officers of the Korvosan Guard to aiding the woman in the poisoning of Eodred. Not wanting to face the gallows, the guard has since committed suicide by jumping out a castle window.

When captured and questioned by the party, Trinia claimed to have had no part in the poisoning of the King. Indeed, no logical motive for her to kill the king could be determined, and Trinia claimed that she was accused of the crime due to Queen Ileosa’s jealousy over the time she spent with Eodred.

Believing her story, Effie and Jess let her go, much to the chagrin of Zeb.

Trinia Sabor

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