Euphemia Bellamy

Young noblewoman and troublesome cavalier


House Bellamy is one of the older noble houses of Korvosa, living comfortably in the Heights. Though they were never power players within the city itself, the House’s members maintained good standing by being unobtrusive and marrying well. Euphemia (Effie) is the youngest of three sisters, and a baby among them – her eldest sister, already married when Effie was born. Lord Bellamy, not wishing to risk his wife’s health for another attempt at a son, doted on his littlest, and allowed her free reign to pursue more militaristic activities, of which Lady Bellamy strongly disapproved, of course. At his daughter’s request, Lord Bellamy secured her an early squireship with the Sable Company, though the girl quickly proved to have a talent with animals and weaponry.

Used to getting her way, Effie was far from the perfect squire, petulant, whiny, and frequently disrespectful to those of a lower class. In an effort to humble his apprentice, Lt. Shrey assigned her trivial tasks – running errands, cleaning stables, and, on occasion, babysitting his own daughter, five-year-old Katherine.

On one such a task – simple really – she was to accompany Katherine to the local market in the Heights to purchase some sweets, tragedy struck. Quickly getting bored of attending the little girl, and feeling that the area was safe enough, Effie left the child alone for what she claims was a matter of minutes to look at some fabrics for the new season, and on returning, found the child missing. Searching the market proved to be a waste of time. No one had seen the girl after Effie had left her. As if Katherine had simply vanished into thin air.

Despite extensive searching, the girl was never found, and the more insistent Effie was of her innocence and failure to assume any responsibility, the more attitude towards her within the Company soured. Eventually, a format tribunal was held (during which Effie may or may not have thrown a terrible tantrum) and the young woman was shamefully instructed to leave the Company. The effect was not pleasant for her family, for her escapade quickly became anecdotes at social events. But Effie never truly gave up searching for Katherine, finding ways to leave her house (despite strict curfews) and scour parts of the city where noble girls don’t often go, but because of that, she learned about Gaedren’s “Little Lamms." Too bad Gaedren was a hard man to find…

Effie is an eighteen-year-old woman, whose oftentimes childish attitude make her seem even younger, despite a tall (5’9"-ish) and athletic physique. She has long, blonde hair, always cut in an expert manner, blue eyes, and a haughty air of a life that has known few real hardships. Her adventures on the streets, however, have changed her mentality about the less privileged, and unlike many of her station, she considers her friendships with those people just as, if not more so, important as those with her more established peers.

Euphemia Bellamy

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