Devargo Barvasi

The King of Spiders


A “legitimate” criminal, Devargo Barvasi is lord of Eel’s End, a collection of brothels, drug dens, and flophouses converted from several old shields permanently docked in Old Korvosa. Barvasi is the main supplier of shiver, and is rumored to be in the employ and under the protection of the Arkonas.

Devargo recently won Euphemia’s distinctive armor during a negotiation, which he used as a display and as proof for scandalous relations between himself and the noblewoman. Unfortunately for Barvasi, Lady Bellamy retaliated, slaughtering his men and reclaiming her armor, leaving the King of Spiders unconscious and humiliated, a lesson to those who would betray the Bellamy family.

Currently Barvasi’s empire has collapsed, and he is laying low, trying to hide from the public scorn of his defeat. The shadows whisper that since his run-in with Euphemia, Barvasi no longer has any control over spiders, and several of his rivals are now seeking to settle up with the man.

Devargo Barvasi

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