Chimon Caladair

Mysterious Halfling Pistolero


This halfling wears a broad-brimmed hat, leather armor over a white shirt, rough-looking trousers, a red scarf wrapped over his mouth, and unusually for a halfling, tall leather boots.

This mysterious halfling suddenly appeared at the Sisters of Mercy hospice to help the party when combat with the grey maidens and plague doctors broke out. He claims to have been sent by Blackjack.

Chimon trained in fencing under Vencarlo Orisini before departing Korvosa to travel the world. In Alkenstar, he was introduced to firearms, and immediately took to the pistol as his preferred weapon. He was recently forced to flee from Cheliax to Andoran. From there he sailed back to Korvosa, only to find King Eodred dead, the bloodveil spreading through the city, and Blackjack calling in a favor.

Chimon Caladair

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