Calec Sordeaux

The "Locksmith"


Calec Sordeaux grew up on the streets (well, rooftops) of Korvosa, and has survived thus far entirely on his quick wits and fast fingers. He has a love of clockwork and mechanical things, and has devoted a significant amount of time to understanding how these devices work. Recently, he has expanded his interests into the magical arts, attempting to add arcane magic to his set of thieves’ tools. To this end, he occasionally studies with the wizards of Theuxmanexus College.

Cal lives in Old Korvosa, where he makes an entirely honest living crafting locks. He carries a rapier, but favors staying out of a brawl and using his finely crafted heavy crossbow. Otherwise, he’s mixed-blood human, approximately 6’2", in his late 20’s. Shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, scruffy beard, and a distinctive scar under his left eye.

Calec Sordeaux

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