Curse of the Crimson Throne - Friendship is Magic!

No Rest for the Wicked

25th and 26th of Pharast, 4708

Calec takes his leave, while the rest of the party decides on how to handle recent events. The party decides to go to Kroft, with the intention of reporting…something, but find her in the middle of a tense situation with a Shoanti Shaman named Thousand Bones. The shaman’s grandson was killed in the recent riots, and now the barbarian’s family is threatening war. Thousand Bones could defuse the situation, but the body of his grandson is missing. Through a “source” named Ekaris, Kroft discovers that the body was sold to a necromancer named Rolth who resides in the Dead Warrens. Heading to Potter’s Ward, the party discovers a catacomb filled with strange dark-skinned dwarves and necromantic experiments, but no signs of Rolth himself. After a grueling battle, the party recovers the Shoanti’s body and delivers it to the Church of Pharasma, where Bishop Keppira d’Bear is expecting them. The temple prepares the body while the party is debriefed by Kroft. Cressida seems to have an inkling of the party’s antics, but has a conflicting report – Trinia Sabor was captured and is being held in Castle Korvosa, despite being escorted out of the city at the same time.

…something is strange is afoot.



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